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How To Get Into Ketosis And Lose Your Body Fat

Ketosis is a completely normal process that occurs in our body and provides it with several benefits. If you successfully start ketosis in your body, your body will begin to convert the stored fat into smaller molecules known as ketones and would start using them as the body’s primary source of energy.

Due to all the above-mentioned benefits of ketosis, any ketogenic diet can be used to benefit our body in several ways and reduce our body fat as a by-product. Ketosis helps us reduce our appetite and might also prove beneficial in type 2 diabetes.


However, ketosis isn’t an easy thing to attain, as this certainly requires some work and preparation, so, here are some tips which can help you achieve the state of ketosis faster.

Cut On Your Carbohydrate Consumption

You can achieve the state of ketosis way faster if you start following a low-carb diet. A low-carb diet can help decrease the insulin level in your body, and condition it to use some of the fat from the fat stores, which in turn causes a decrease in your body fat percentage over time.

The number of carbs one needs to initiate ketosis might vary depending on one’s personal needs.


Increase Your Daily Exercise

Ketosis increases the energy level in your body, and that also helps increase your endurance. Being involved in exercise daily can also help you keep your body in ketosis.

Normally, when you perform the exercise, your body uses glycogen which it produces from your daily carbohydrate intake, while in a low-carb diet, you don’t have sufficient carbs to replenish your glycogen stores, so, your body starts burning down your body fat instead of glycogen. Additionally, if you’re doing Intermittent fasting with a low-carb diet, then the number of ketones increase while you exercise.



Start Consuming More Fats

Most of the low-carb diets are actually composed of low carb intake, combined with a high fat intake to help convert the fat into ketones.

However, while an increased fat intake can help increase the level of ketones in your body, an extremely high intake will be equally as effective as a moderate intake. Also, make sure you get your daily fat from some quality fat sources and reputable oils that help in this regard, as high-fat foods and oils are usually abundant in natural fats.


Start Fasting Regularly

Fasting is another way of getting your body into ketosis because not eating for several hours can decrease your insulin levels and cause more fat burning in your body.

An effective type of fasting, Intermittent Fasting can also prove effective in this regard and might help you get your body into ketosis if you use regular short term fasts. But you’d always look to prevent excessive loss of your muscle mass, as this can weaken your body.

Eat Good Protein

When cutting down on your carbohydrates, you’ll need to replace them with an adequate protein intake to achieve the state of ketosis faster. In the treatment of patients with diseases like epilepsy and cancer, their diet is restricted both in carbs and protein, this is done only to increase the ketone level in their body and achieve the results way faster. But this practice isn’t good for normal people, as your liver needs a constant supply of protein to produce new glucose molecules in the body.

The purpose of keeping your protein high is to provide your body cells with glucose who can’t use ketones as a fuel. So, these were some ways that you can follow to achieve the state of ketosis faster.

Good Protein
Average Protein
Low Protein